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Why residential care homes is a good opportunity for investors

Investors looking to expand their portfolios ought to consider care home investments. Care home investments are suitable for those with a preference for ethical investments. Care homes are fully asset-backed with no ongoing fees.

With regular income payments care homes investments are a great opportunity for buy-to-let investors.

Care home investments are high yielding and can generate returns of up to 10% for up to five years. This means that with an investment worth £70,000, you can enjoy an additional income of £7,000 a year.

  • Multiple exit strategies with assured capital growth

  • Hands-free investment

  • Diversify an existing investment portfolio

The demand for care home living

Due to an increasingly ageing population there is a current high demand within the UK care home sector. This increase has presented a care home investment opportunity.

11.6 million people are aged 65+ in the UK, and by 2040, it’s estimated that this will rise to 15 million people in the UK. By 2034, approximately 90,000 UK citizens will be over 100 years old.

This increase strongly suggests that more people will need to move into a care home, with their increasingly complex health problems resulting in live-in care.

It’s this ageing population that is increasing the demand for spaces in care homes, which is why they are currently an excellent investment opportunity.

Find certainty in uncertain times with care home investments

  • High yielding investment paying up to 10% return per annual
  • Property will be fully managed by experienced care home operator
  • Offers diversity to an existing investment portfolio and pays immediate income
  • The care industry is regulated by the CQC in England and CIW in Wales ensuring transparency

How to invest in care homes?

The process to invest in residential care homes is extremely simple. Typically there are two routes care homes are funded - to choose local authority funded or self-funded.

Operators identify care homes that are in need of refurbishment or improvement, as well as ones that are already performing adequately. The operator will then purchase the freehold of the identified property.

The operator will then purchase the freehold of the carefully identified property. After the freehold has been purchased, individual units are then sold to an investor

Investors then lease their unit back to the care home operator, who is responsible for handling the maintenance and tenancy at no extra cost, allowing the investor to generate a quarterly return

Is investing in care homes a good investment?

Yes, care homes are a good investment opportunity

Whether you're a seasoned investor or entering the care home investment sector for the first time - this is one sector that can bring you significant results.

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